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Infinity Capture Imaging Software from Lumenera


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Infinity Capture Imaging Software from Lumenera

Infinity Capture

Features include:  

• Real Time Video Preview
• Separate Preview and Capture Controls
• Automatic/Manual White Balance
• Manual Hue and Saturation
• Manual Preview Quality
• Multiple Image Averaging
• Global Electronic Gain
• Manual Contrast/Brightness/Gamma
• Movie Production

• Automatic/Manual Exposure

• Overlay Bitmaps

•Flat Field Correction

• Highlight Saturated Pixels

• Manual Preview Zoom Level

• Preview Histogram

• User Defined Light Source

• Alpha Blended Bitmaps



Additionally, a USB 2.0 plug-and-play interface removes the need for
framegrabbers and allows fast video. Included is a TWAIN interface,
allowing the camera to be used with 3rd party software applications.

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Lumenera Infinity Capture Software interface
Infinity Capture Interface

Lumenera's Infinity USB 2.0 Camera Line
Infinity Capture software is
included with all INFINITY USB 2.0 cameras
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