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Scanalytics IPLab for Windows and Macintosh is image acquisition, processing, measurement, and analysis software. IPLab integrates image acquisition, external device control, an easy scripting utility, and advanced measurement and processing tools. You can easily expand IPLab's functionality at any time with extensions such as Ratio Plus, MultiProbe, and Motion Control.

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Spectra offers image analysis software from the top names in the industry. Select a manufacturer from the icons above to view the currently available products.

  • Quantitate
    Count objects, get individual and group summary reports on density, shape, and position. Label particles in the image and export results to spreadsheets.
  • Enhance
    Choose from built in sharpening, smoothing and median filters, pseudocolor tables, contrast enhancement, and geometric re-sizing.
  • Multi-Fluorescence
    Capture images from multiple wavelengths, do color overlays, quantify intensities in each band.
  • Mosaic
    Capture multiple images and place them together into one large image.
  • Time Lapse
    Capture images at specified time intervals. Measure and plot intensities over time
  • 3D Time Lapse (With optional filter wheel, z motor and Motion Control)
    Grab a 3D stack of images at specified time intervals. Post process to find the best focus image from each stack.
  • Shading Correction
    Easily perform flat fielding to correct for lighting and sensor non-uniformities.
  • GFP (With optional filter wheel and MultiProbe)
    Capture images from red or green GFP and overlay the images onto a grayscale.
  • Animation
    Create a movie loop from you time lapse images. Play it in IPLab or export it to movie players such as QuickTime and AVI.
  • 3D De-Blur
    A basic 3D filter for de-blurring. True deconvolution algorithms are also available as an option.
  • 3-D Perspective
    Plot View a single image from a different perspective. You select the viewing angles and the region you want to see. Great for looking at magnitude FFTs.
  • 3D Volume Rendering
    Perfect for viewing 3D image data from different angles.
  • Image Ratios
    Compute optical density, perform accurate ratios of images taken at different wavelengths.
  • Stereology
    Point and line methods in stereology, 3D dissector.
  • Morphology
    Erosion, dilation, opening, and closing with user selectable structuring elements.
  • Row/Column Averages
    Plot the average value or the sum of all the pixels along a row or column of a rectangular or polygonal region.
  • Image Annotation
    Nondestructive overlays let you draw text and graphics on top of your images without destroying the underlying data values. IPLab saves both the overlay and image data.
  • Image Registration
    Add registration marks to several images and let IPLab automatically rotate, scale and shift the images to bring them into alignment.
  • Edit Color Table
    Complete control over the color lookup table to pseudo-color images, histogram equalize, contrast stretch, etc.
  • Image Arithmetic
    Combine and compare two images on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Perform background subtraction, image averaging to reduce noise, mask certain frequencies in the Fourier domain
  • Transfer Attributes
    Easily transfer information from one image to another, including the ROI and Object definitions, the Color Table, the overlay, and the units.
  • Slices and Object Boundaries
    Plot data values along a slice through the image or list the x-y coordinates and data values at each point along the boundary of an object.
  • Segmentation
    Interactively select thresholds to separate objects from their background while viewing the luminance histogram.
  • File Formats
    Read and write PICT, TIFF, TEXT, FITS and our own IPLab Image files. Easily import image files from other computers in almost any file format.
  • Geometric Transforms
    Arbitrary rotation, scale and translation with sub-pixel accuracy. Choose nearest neighbor or bilinear interpolation methods. Also transpose and flip images to view them differently.
  • Point Functions
    Choose from an extensive list of built-in mathematical operations to apply to each pixel for analysis and enhancement.
  • Scripting
    Execute custom command sequences as if they were one command. A great way to customize and extend the applicability of your image processing software.
  • Display Normalize
    Sometimes called "Window and Level", enhance brightness and contrast and apply a gamma curve to the displayed image data Add Pattern Horizontal and vertical ramps, Gaussian and uniform random variables.
  • Calibrate Units
    Calibrate measurements in arbitrary units--inches, cm, furlongs, you name it.
  • Complex Arithmetic
    Complex multiplication of Fourier spectrum real and imaginary components. Convert between real-imaginary and magnitude-phase.
  • Print Options
    Print images as halftones to any PostScript printer or QuickDraw compatible printer. Make a PostScript file of your image data.
  • Custom Extensions
    Customize IPLab further by adding algorithms you write in C or Pascal. The manual gives complete instructions and examples for including your own code and dialogs written in MPW C, MPW Pascal, Think C, or Think Pascal.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste
    Exchange image data with other programs through the Clipboard and Scrapbook.
  • FFT and Cosine Transforms
    Forward and inverse 1-D and 2-D Fast Fourier transform with results in either real-imaginary or magnitude-phase. Forward and inverse Cosine transform. All transforms are done in Floating Point for best accuracy.
  • Custom Filters
    Define your own linear filter kernels.
  • Densitometry
    Integrated and mean densities, RMS and standard deviation, max and min values.
  • QGraph
    This outstanding plotting utility is integrated with IPLab to let you create publication quality graphs of the analysis information you derive.
  • View As Text
    Switch easily between a text view and a standard image view of your data.
  • Batch File Processing
    Create a list of files to process as a batch. Indexed files provide automatic file naming and numbering.
  • Interactive Measurement
    Measure piecewise linear objects by tracing; measure angles by clicking on three points.
  • Split Color Coord
    Split any 24- or 48-bit color image into its separate components in one of the four color coordinate systems: RGB, HSV, YIQ, or CMY. View the separated images in their corresponding colors. Operate on the color component images as you would any grayscale image.
  • Histogram
    You can specify the number of bins and the exact placement of the bins, or let IPLab select the best placement.
  • Morphometry
    Locate the centroid, compute areas and perimeters of user defined objects.
  • Merge Color Coord
    Build a 24- or 48-bit color image out of three separate image files. The component images may be RGB, HSV, YIQ, or CMY. See your multi-spectral data in full color! IPLab automatically scales non-byte data (integer, unsigned 16-bit or floating point) for you.

IPLab Extensions

  • The Ratio Plus extension makes IPLab into a ratiometric imaging package for examining changing levels of intracellular Calcium ions and of pH. Acquire sequences of dual wavelength data, calculate ion concentration, and review the experiment as a movie.
  • The MultiProbe extension expands IPLab's fluorescence microscopy functionality for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), comparative genomic hybridization (CGH), colocalization experiments, and multiprobe imaging of GFP, CFP, YFP, and all other dyes.
  • The Motion Control package of extensions enables you to automate your experiments by controlling all of your hardware, including shutters, filter changers, microscope stages, and motorized microscopes from Leica, Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss. You can also send tailor-made commands.
  • If you don't want the full Motion Control package, the Shutters & Filters package of extensions automates your shutters, filter wheels, and other wavelength switching devices, and lets you send tailor-made serial or parallel commands.
  • The MicroArray Suite extension aids in extracting and visualizing DNA microarray data (Mac ONLY)

Application Notes

Applications for which IPLab was designed include:

  • Multiprobe fluorescence microscopy, including fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), comparative genomic hybridisation (CGH), and colocalization
  • Ratiometric imaging of intracellular Calcium and pH using Fura2, Indo, and BCECF
  • Bright and dark field microscopy, using live or fixed samples
  • Experiment automation by controlling motorized filter changers, shutters, XY and Z stages, lamps, cameras, and microscopes
  • Time lapse microscopy and imaging, using our built-in time delay features
  • 3D microscopy and imaging, using motorized Z stages / focus knob attachments, obtaining three dimensional, through-focus sequences for visualization, measurement, projection, and digital image restoration
  • Materials analysis of artwork and semiconductors; astronomy, remote (and secretive) sensing...

IPLab is a core program with a full set of processing, measurement, and analysis features. Free acquire modules let you use any camera we support. Extensions (some of which come free with the program) smoothly integrate new processing, analysis, and hardware control commands into IPLab.

System Requirements

Mac OS 8.0 or greater
7 MB of memory to allocate to IPLab (at least 17 MB recommended)
Any PowerPC, G3, G4, etc.

Windows 9x, NT, or 2000
32 MB of memory
Display card and monitor set to 24/32 bit color and a resolution of at least 800x600