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Carbolite Temperature Control Options



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Carbolite Laboratory Incubators

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Temperature Control or Monitoring




Carbolite 301

  • A PID controller with a large display mounted behind a smooth wipe-clean membrane.
  • Single ramp to setpoint facility Incorporates a process timer function.
  • RS232 comms is available as an option at time of order.
  • Made by Eurotherm exclusively for Carbolite.

Eurotherm 3216P1

  • Made exclusively for Carbolite by Eurotherm.
  • An advanced setpoint programming temperature controller with 8 segment pairs, each a ramp and a dwell.
  • This configuration of a ramp followed by a dwell cannot be altered.
  • Provides precise control with an advanced PID control algorithm giving stable straight-line control of the process.
  • Power feedback is used to stabilise the output power and henced the controlled temperature against supply voltage fluctuations.
  • The controller continually corrects for drift and this gives high stability and rapid response to process changes.

Eurotherm 3216P5

  • Like the Eurotherm 3216P1, except that 5 different programs may be stored for later retrieval.
  • The programs cannot be linked.
  • Also made by Eurotherm for Carbolite


Eurotherm 3508P1

  • An advanced setpoint programming temperature controller with twenty segments, any of which may be a ramp, a step or a dwell.
  • Housed in a quick release 1/8 din size measuring 48 x 96mm high.
  • Features large numeric and text displays to provide additional information of current status to the user.
  • Provides the same precise control as the 3216P1 model.

Eurotherm 3508P10 & 3508P25

  • Like the 3508P1, but has 10 programs with a total of 50* available segments and 25 programs of 100* respectively.
  • Example : a single program of 50 segments could be created.
  • The programs may be linked.
  • * - The number of segments in the multi-segment models will be increased during 2005.

Overtemperature protection

  • Eurotherm 2132 or integrated into 201
  • Recommended for use on any unit left unattended overnight
  • Housed in a compact 1/32 din size measuring 24 x 48mm wide or integrated into the 201 control panel
  • The additional control unit uses a separate thermocouple and operates a contactor to shut down the furnace in the event of the set temperature being exceeded
  • The adjustability of the limiting temperature means that the system may be set to protect either the furnace itself, or at a lower temperature a valuable load inside
For Information on all Temperature Control or Monitoring options: Click Here for Specificatons

Calibration certificates

  • Various calibration certificates can be provided at the time of the units' manufacture
  • For the thermcouple, at three points of your choice
  • The certificate is issued by an independent UCAS/NAMAS accredited laboratory, traceable to UK national standards
  • For the controller, at three points of your choice
  • The certificate is issued by the controller manufacturer
  • For thermocouple and controller combined
  • The certificate is issued by an independent UCAS/NAMAS accredited laboratory, traceable to UK national standards

Communications & software

  • Digital communications can be fitted using
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • or RS485/RS422 via converter
  • Data tranmission or data logging can be achieved using software from the iTools range

Chart recorders and DAQs

  • A wide range of chart recorders can be fitted
  • Single channel
  • Dual channel
  • or six channel
  • A wide range of DAQs are also available, complete with software for reviewing off-line, via a remote computer
  • Six channel
  • or twelve channel
  • Recorders can be provided with calibration certificates
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