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Primo Star


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Primo Star

Zeiss Primo Star Microscope for Education and Routine Applications

Click Here for a PDF About Zeiss Primo Star Microscope    

Primo Star has been developed with long-term use and great durability in mind. It incorporates all the experience gathered by Carl Zeiss in the field of light microscopy, adapted specifically for educational purposes.

Primo Star is available in different variants. The right version for every set of requirements. This microscope – together with its many practical accessories – can be used for education, in the laboratory, doctors’ practice and in the field. Genuine ZEISS.


Using Primo Star, it is possible to use all the applications and contrasting methods that are relevant to education.

  • Stained tissue sections in medicine
  • Unstained cells in phase contrast in medicine and biology
  • Plant stem cross sections in botany
  • Extremely fine structures like diatoms in darkfield in biology
  • Examination and analysis of germs and bacteria in field work

All the functions and operation can be quickly learned. The ergonomic adjustment of the viewing height, country-specific plugs and option of use in the field have been designed for international usage. Primo Star is suitable for education and routine work in all areas of microscopy, in all corners of the globe.

Starting from useful magnification through to a perfectly adjusted microscope according to Koehler – Primo Star makes learning how to use a microscope as simple as can be. Thanks to its easy operation and robustness, Primo Star is particularly suitable for use in schools.

Even sophisticated work flows like those at schools for cytology assistants can be quickly explained and learned with Primo Star. Special packages are also available for training facilities at higher education institutions for medical occupations and at medical and biological university faculties. This way, even the Koehler method becomes an easy exercise.


Inovative Solutions

Modular illumination: cost-efficient or standard?
  • Three illuminations for educational and lab work
  • 30 Watt halogen light
  • LED with stable color temperature and higher efficiency as the most economical solution, and for long-term usage
  • Tilting mirror for operation without electrical power
No untidy cables: the external power supply unit
  • Special rear panel with external power supply unit and cable
  • Adapter for conversion to a table-top power supply unit
  • In the event of repair, just the power supply unit is replaced
    Carrying handle: safe and secure
  • Maximum safety for the microscope: integrated carrying handle
  • Plastic-coated on the inside
  • Once dismantled, convenient and safe transport in microscopy course rooms and laboratories
Comfort for all users: the Siedentopf tube
  • Unique and comfortable in the laboratory and for educational use: swiveling Siedentopf tube
  • Ergonomic viewing angle of 30º
  • Ability to adjust viewing height to users’ height
  • Wide adjustment range for individual interocular distance (48 mm to 75 mm)
Total control: the light display
  • Blue light intensity display on both sides of the stand
  • Important control function allowing lecturers to check all microscopes in the course room, even from a distance
  • Quick control of light intensity by the user
Form follows function: the design
  • Innovative design: combination of aesthetics with maximum functionality
  • Quality and high standards with regard to the choice of materials: mostly metal, minimum use of plastic
  • Functional and stable
Practical: stages with right-hand or left-hand drive operation
  • For laboratory and educational practice: righthand and left-hand stage drive operation
  • Operation of stage drive using the right hand and focus drive using the left hand, or vice versa
  • Individual set-up of the laboratory or course room
  • Easy to operate
  • Robust and durable
  • Quality optics from Carl Zeiss
  • Numerous innovative solutions
  • Flexible through its modularity
  • Excellent price/performance ratio